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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Big Time Oops When Slandering the T-shirt Industry

The irony, the irony

I have been posting regarding an article I read last week in The Guardian. The article demands that people stop wearing T-shirts with slogans on them. This gave me the idea to start a new line of ironic T-shirts which would have slogans and other rubbish that oppose slogans on T-shirts. It is yet to be seen whether or not the general public will get on board with such a venture. The more hilarious news that I have not yet shared is that right next to said article is a link for The Guardian's very own line of... yep... T-shirts... and many of them have slogans on them. Please feel free to peruse their online store: Guardian T-Shirt Online Store

For more proof, here is the screen shot I took where you can see both the Freeman article and the ad:

Of course, you may still be able to go to the article itself and see the ad. 

The Facebook page I created (People Fighting Against Words on T-Shirts) has not taken off yet, but I'm still holding out hope. Here is my latest anti slogan T-Shirt slogan T-Shirt; I think it has a ring to it:

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