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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Big Bets Being Placed on DTG

Still Waiting to Get Into Digital Direct-to-Garment Printing? Recent Large Investments Say You Might Get Left Behind.

Revolution Growth Logo
At DTG Awareness, we have been chronicling the awakening of the world to the wonders of digital Direct-to-Garment printing. The recent introduction of a new line of DTG printers built by manufacturing giant, Epson, is one clear indication that the technology is taking hold. Their entry into the DTG printing industry represents a big growth in confidence in the young technology.

On the heals of the news of Epson's DTG line comes a story from the Washington Post, published just three days ago about venture firm Revolution Growth and it's decision to invest $40 million dollars into CustomInk, one of the largest online fulfillment houses in the U.S.; a feat in large part made possible by the use of, you guessed it, Direct-to-Garment printing.

Revolution Growth co-founder, former top AOL executive, and present owner of the Washington Capitols, Ted Leonsis, said of CustomInk, "It's a next-generation social shopping company".

Plans for the investment capital include a move to more spacious offices, expansion of a current production facility and of CustomInk operations, as well as plans to open an additional facility.

If you are a printing company and you have been questioning the viability of digital Direct-to-Garment, the big players are now giving you plenty of reason to assume that the technology will be a major part of future garment printing. If your business model doesn't work well with DTG, you may want to revisit your business model.

Friday, November 8, 2013

List of T-shirt Companies That Pay You for Your Designs

Make Money by Turning Your Designs Into Cash

This is one for the graphic artists out there. Here is a list of T-shirt companies that you can submit your designs to and, if they are chosen, you will get paid $$$.

"Design a shirt: it should be inspired by video games and/or geek culture, and... well, that's pretty much it. Make a cool t-shirt design, submit it to the contest, and let the J!NX Community vote! If a particular design has a high number of positive votes, the design moves on to the Final Judement(TM). An elite squad of J!NX judges will cast their righteous votes."

Pay: Selected designs win up to $750 cash + a $250 J!NX gift certificate.

"If your design is chosen for print, it could end up for sale as a real product that people all around the world can have!" Threadless offers themed challenges with cash prizes.

Pay: Prizes at time of publication shown ranging from $2,000-$2,500


"Create a T-Shirt design (maximum of TWO ink colors) that you think the world would like to wear.
The Subject of your design can be anything (ex. Funny or topical slogans, pop culture and political references, or strictly artistic designs)."

Pay: Winners receive $400 Cash + $100 store credit


"The ongoing contest at DesignByH├╝mans consists of two (2) awards, Shirt of the Day or Rock Star
Awards." Original designs are submitted to the DBH website and voted on by the DBH world community. The winning shirt becomes available for purchase through DBH.

Pay: Shirt of the Day – $1,000.00 USD + six (6) units of the artist’s design.
Shirt of the Day is awarded Monday – Thursday to a new artist.
Rock Star Awards can pay up to additional $5,000.

Submit a design. If it is selected, it will be featured on the teefury website for 24 hours.

Pay: $1 per shirt sold and the artist retains full rights to their design.

Download their submission kit. Save your .png file on their template, and upload it using their form. Featured designs go into a head to head competition against other shirt designs.

Pay: $1 per shirt sold and the artist keeps full rights to their design to do what ever they want with after the Fight has ended. (Artist also gets a Free T-shirt with their design on it.)


Simply submit your design. If they decide to print it, they pay.

 Pay: $250