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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Planet Money- How Much Would You Pay for a T-Shirt?

NPR and "This American Life" have a joint project in the works to show how a t-shirt is made from start to finish. The project they have titled "Planet Money", is a fundraising effort, and as of May 14, the project reached it's funding goal. The gist of the venture is the story of how a t-shirt is created from start to finish in order to reveal some of the things going on in the global economy. The team traveled around the world showing the step by step process, from cotton field, to shipping. How much would it cost you to purchase one of these shirts? A donation of $25.00, plus $15.00 shipping. Of course, this is a fundraiser, so one might expect that there would be some padding in the price. But wait! Someone has put one of these shirts up on ebay for $350.00! Will the seller get this price? That remains to be determined. Stranger things have happened. The fact is, people will pay a good price for something they see value in.

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